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Chuck was born into a furniture family. His father J. “Hib” Johnson, founded Hickory Furniture Company in Hickory, N.C. and Chuck worked in the plant summers and holidays all through his young adulthood. Chuck was with the Hickory Furniture Company for 17 years and had built his territory into one of the top five in the company. Suddenly Chuck’s Dad passed away and the company fell into chaos.

From a Hobby
to a Prospering Business


Chuck knew nothing except sales and traveling, and needed to find a new creative idea. The very next week on a sales trip, he saw a new group of furniture which absolutely fascinated him. Thinking this might be an answer to his problem: Chuck bought two pieces of the group and took them home to his basement hobby shop. He started figuring out the technique for building, distressing, and finishing that was used to achieve this wonderful casual feeling. Chuck built about six samples, finished them in a warm amber finish and took them in his van on his next sales trip. He showed them to three dealers and all of them bought samples; about $25,000 worth of samples. Well, Chuck found a couple of local guys and an old textile plant in Canton, GA that had been closed down. He moved his shop of Craftsman tools up to Canton, bought a load of wood and got started.

Late at a furniture show in High Point, Chuck converted three designs of consoles to hold sinks and faucets. Everyone loved the concept. A plumbing representative group saw his vanities and wanted to represent Chuck and his bath line. They took Chuck into a whole new industry. He continued to expand the line, designing bow front and serpentine shaped vanities, and so began The Vanity Flair Collection.


Chuck has always said, “I would never have guessed that the hobby started out of frustration some 21 years ago would exist, let alone be the company it has come to be today. But it has been a great ride and I’m looking forward to the next 21 and what changes that will bring.”

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